We are Absurdo

We conceive, design and implement digital products and experiences. In a fast-moving world, we help brands to adapt their strategies to the new channels and to communicate with their customers through the new media. We provide human-centered and tech-boosted solutions to companies in order to create a more immersive, engaging and meaningful experiences.

01. Research

Understand your context to create valuable products.

We look for a deep understanding of the audience and context related to your product in order to offer accurate insights that help your brand to take advantage of your competitors.

02. Strategy

Find your voice, purpose and customers.

We work with all-size businesses and organizations to identify actionable opportunities with a strong context and audience analysis. We help brands to define goals, understand their potential customers and how to impact them. The common activities includes customer and revenue segmentation, user journeys, positioning, brand attributes, tone and voice, and others.

03. Digital Design

Delightful and functional experiences.

We help brands to communicate effectively with their users and customers pairing creative insights with data to create engaging, user-centered, intuitive and delightful experiences and products. We work on websites, apps, interactive installations, digital marketing and many others.

04. Engineering

The power of code.

For us, the development stage is fundamental in our design process. We create custom and reliable software that responds to business needs solving complex problems through simple solutions. Usual products are iOS and Android applications, custom management systems, webapps, desktop software, etc.

Our clients

Our experienced team have worked with brands like Redbull, Tigo, Procter & Gamble, Sandanter Bank, Canal +, Shell, Walmart, Argos, Celsia and many others.



PNN of Colombia




Santander bank


Procter & Gamble